Here at Sowers Media, we’re dedicated to helping you grow your chiropractic clinic. And making everyone and their mother a patient at your clinic is great; during that quest, we implore you not to forget your loyal clients. 

Your loyal clients are repeat customers that have seen your practice grown from strength to strength, but sentimentality is not what makes repeat customers your best customers. In business, loyalty has an immense value that makes having a small group of loyal customers more valuable than hundreds of new ones.  Here are the reasons why repeat customers are your best customers.

Repeat customers spend more money

A marketing study found out that with every successive purchase a customer makes, the greater they spend and the likelihood of them coming back increases. By how much exactly? 

While only 32% of first-timers will make a second purchase, 53% that make a second purchase will make a third. 

After the first visit, you establish with your patient a bond of trust. It’s hard to get new customers to trust what you say in your ads because they don’t know you. And that’s the hardest part of getting new customers. They’ve developed an instinct to be wary of things they see online. That’s why marketing campaigns push brand awareness ads because not a lot of people are going to be convinced. That’s also the reason why businesses are trying new ways to get Facebook reviews and recommendations.

That makes every repeat customer more valuable than a bunch of new customers. You only have a few of them, but they’re worth more than one-time customers. 

New customers requires a bigger investment

Every new customer starts their journey with you by developing brand awareness, the first step in the marketing funnel. That’s why most ads are targeting customers in search of a solution for their pain points. 

To realize how much work it takes, here’s how one newly-opened chiropractic hustled to gain patients.

When the fledgling chiropractic clinic Bremerton Wellness opened, they wanted to bring in new patients – fast. They wanted to let the residents of Bremerton, Washington, know that its doors were open, and their chiropractors were ready to do some adjusting. Ultimately, the end goal for Bremerton Fitness was gain clients

The chiropractic clinic had to go through the growing pains of a new business trying to make a name on Facebook. Their Facebook marketing campaign was a 3-stage strategy to promote the clinic’s services, like acupuncture and chiropractic, through video ads. 

The first hurdle to cross was informing the people in Bremerton of the newly-opened, eponymous chiropractic clinic in town. To build familiarity with the brand, they used video ads featuring the clinic’s facilities. 

After building brand awareness, Bremerton Wellness moved in the lead generation phase. Users who watched the videos were targeted with lead ads with an introductory free offer. In exchange, they had to fill out a short survey in the lead form. 

With the lead generation phase completed, the last and most crucial stage of the campaign to bring in new clients was about to begin: conversion. This time around, they cast a tighter net by targeting those who claimed the first offer. 

While this extensive campaign was successful, it honestly is a huge undertaking. For a brand new customer, you’re spending a lot to see them through all 5 stages of the funnel. That’s not the case for a repeat customer.

That 3-step process of bringing in a new client costs 5x more than retaining your current clients. What’s more, a new client doesn’t even spend a lot on you. To get them to spend at the same level as your loyal clients cost a hefty 16x more spending. 

A patient that walking out of your doors after a treatment is one more conversion for your clinic. When you want them to return to try out other treatment options, you can directly talk to them about it. The beauty of it is you know that the person you’re talking to has a high chance of converting. When running ads, you’re basing only on the information they gave Facebook.

You have an existing relationship with repeat customers

A doctor-patient relationship gets better through time. You develop an intimate knowledge about your patient’s habits; on the other hand, they are more open towards sharing their concerns with you. You’re communicating better, and thus, it’s easier to treat them.

From a customer service point of view, repeat customers are the best clients you could have. Your staff already know their behaviors and attitudes, so they’re better equipped at addressing them. 

For example, you have that one patient who’s super busy that they’re late to appointments at times, but they do turn up. The staff is used to this, so they know not to cancel the appointment. This makes the customer know that your clinic values them as a patient, and that’s one more reason to stay loyal to you. 

Leverage customer loyalty for your business’ growth

Repeat customers are your best customers because of their loyalty, and there are many ways you can leverage that. 

First off, repeat customers are a free promotional channel thanks to word of mouth. It’s been found out that when people want recommendations, they tend to trust those from people they know. For example, gift recommendations from friends and family was a big factor when buying Christmas presents in the 2018 holiday season.

Second, they can refer to new customers. Aside from spreading positive feedback about your clinic, word of mouth from loyal customers can bring in new customers. When a referred client walks in through your doors, they’ve been through the primary phases of the marketing funnel. Having a loyal customer vouch for your credibility makes it easier to turn a referral into a repeat customer.

Third, repeat customers have valuable insight. Why do clients love coming back to your clinic? You might have an idea why, but only your most loyal customers can confirm your hunch. Ask to answer survey forms, or leave a Facebook review on your page. Knowing what the edge you have over your competitor will help form your promotional strategy. 

Whether your strategy for growth is cultivating your relationship with existing clients or seeking a new audience, Sowers Media is there to help you achieve that. Get in touch with us to schedule your FREE demo session.

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